Foundry Fitness

At this moment in time, people in the Sheffield area are understandably dedicating much more of their time to health and wellbeing. Fitness, or the pursuit of it, plays an ever-increasing part in many people’s lives. Whether it’s a walk, a jog, a run, yoga, weightlifting, or a combination of exercises, people understand the importance of regaining, maintaining, or improving their health.

Why The Foundry?

Personal Trainers in the Sheffield area are very often the go-to people when someone wants to improve their health. They have the knowledge, the skill, and the expertise to be able to help people improve their health and develop a new sense of wellbeing and confidence. Personal Trainers in Sheffield can devise personal fitness plans, give sound dietary advice, and teach clients how to avoid the common training mistakes that people make when left to their own devices.​


But very often Personal Trainers in Sheffield are hampered by several factors when they’re looking to improve their service to clients and develop their customer base. It can be difficult to find a Personal Training gym in Sheffield that’s open when needed and parking can often be an issue. If the Personal Training gym in Sheffield is open and accessible, then it can often be overcrowded or underfunded in terms of equipment or facilities.

Personal Trainer Gym Sheffield
Personal Trainer Gym Sheffield

The Foundry Answer

With all these issues firmly in mind, The Foundry was developed. Designed from day one to be a clean, well maintained, well equipped, modern Sheffield gym with ample parking and lots of space and freedom for the Personal Trainers in Sheffield to deliver their knowledge and services to clients in a stress free way.


A place where the emphasis is on working hard, being healthy, being able to concentrate without interruption or obstacle. A place where social media and self-recognition take a break, whilst hard work and dedication takes over. Sound refreshing? Why not get in touch to learn more or arrange a look around our dedicated Personal Trainer gym in Sheffield.